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Where hikers can interact and help each other, as a community.
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We believe CLUBS are vitally important
and will support all SA HIKING CLUBS with

Just R 50,00 pm! ($5 pm).


UNLIMITED Bandwidth,
UNLIMITED disk space,
UNLIMITED databases and
UNLIMITED e-mail accounts

- each with a capacity of 400 MB
and including WEBMAIL in the browser
(besides the usual e-mail clients like Outlook).


There is NO CHARGE for traffic exceeding any limited amount (which applies at most ISPs), since bandwidth is UNLIMITED. (However, downloading of video and audio files is limited to 25 GB pm). So, NO unbudgeted for "surprises". Since disk capacity is also UNLIMITED, you can add as many photos and video clips as needed.

Hosting includes Content Management Systems such as JOOMLA or WordPress, to allow you to do your own Web site development and maintenance.

.co.za Domain registration (if your club does not already have a domain) costs R 240. Transfer of an existing co.za domain normally costs R 120 but this will be waived for Hiking Clubs. i.e. FREE domain transfer.

Annual .co.za domain renewal costs R120. (.za.org domains are free of charge (as are org.za domains if you are a registered NPO). However, since people expect .co.za domains in SA, your initial investment of effectively R 20 per month in the first year and R 10 pm in subsequent years is definitely worth every cent.

Once-off setup costs R 200 ($20).

All costs exclude 14% VAT, which must be added.

Just CONTACT US if you would like your club's website included (or at least a free LINK to your club website).

The only condition for discounted hosting of hiking club websites is that each club must be prepared to display a link to this website on their site.

We have an unique money saving (even generating) offer for all of our clients where 10% of the monthly hosting fees for the PRIMARY Web site of any new client referred through our existing clients is deducted from your hosting fees every month for as long as they continue to host with AiNet. So, from the 4th commercial referral, you change your hosting overhead to a source of income every month, with your club's hosting then being FREE OF CHARGE!

There is also a commission of 20% of the development cost for the PRIMARY domain of any referrals - (i.e. obviously, R 1 000 of every R 5 000), once they have paid for the development. This applies even if your club doesn't host with us yet. Development costs R 220 per hour for commercial Web sites and R 110 per hour for non-profit organisations such as schools, clubs & churches. Registered charities - get significantly further reduced rates.

We also recommend (optionally) that each club should participate in a mutually benificial ring of hiking websites, where each site carries the other sites' banner adverts free of charge (but this is NOT a condition for this heavilly discounted hosting offer, exclusively for Hiking clubs). (Other clubs can be hosted for R 50 pm + VAT. Commercial sites are hosted at R 140 pm + VAT). Registered charities R 50 pm + VAT.

In this way, with such a Hiking Club Advertising ring, each club can offer sponsors much wider exposure for their advertisements than on their own club site alone, which should enable each club to negotiate a little more from each sponsor, to raise more funds.

Clubs participating in this ring will also have their ads displayed on this site free of charge (but will obviously then also have to display our ads free of charge).

PLEASE NOTE: We have restrictions on advertising which are outlined in the section on advertising below.

If you do not have access to someone who can design your website, we can assist you. We have a policy of assisting non-profit organisations - like clubs, churches and schools - at half of the rate we normally charge for developing commercial websites - which are already extremely low. We also drastically reduce the non-ISP costs. Details are available at the advertising section.


Obviously, we need to generate some income to enable us to continue providing - and expanding - this service, so we have to provide "infomercials" as well.  ;-})

Please CONTACT US if you would prefer to promote your goods or services (beyond a non-promotional basic free link) and we can negotiate surprisingly affordable advertising rates.

In fact, for the first few months, while we are getting established, you can name your own rate.

However, please bear in mind that we reserve the right to present adverts from higher paying advertisers more frequently and more prominantly than those of lower paying advertisers.

If you do not have the skills available to develop your own banner ads, and/or to develop a commercial website for your banner ad to link to, AiNet can assist you at surprisingly reasonable rates.


Since we will be providing links to this site from some of our other sites that cater for churches and schools, we reserve the right to refuse certain adverts:

i.e. Those that are illegal (or of suspect legality - like pyramid schemes and other "get rich quick" schemes) or that we deem to be offensive, unethical or unsuitable for children, (including ads for "legal" drugs like alcohol and cigarettes, and "legal" soft pornography).

We also reserve the right to remove published adverts that we subsequently discover to be illegal, unethical or that YOU complain about. We are not lawyers and might let something slip through, but this is YOUR site and your satisfaction is more important to us than more advertisers.