Information for hikers in Southern Africa
Where hikers can interact and help each other, as a community.

Here we intend simply listing various trails, with however little information we have available, even if it is limited to a telephone number.

Where we have more extensive information, these trails will rather be listed under TRAIL REPORTS.

Our intention is to move as many as possible from this list (with very limited information) to the TRAIL REPORTS (with more extensive information), as we gather more information from trail owners and especially from YOU, who have hiked these trails.


Since there are more than 700 trails in South Africa alone (and trails are constantly opening up and closing down), we obviously can't cover all of them, completely & accurately, overnight.

We have to begin with some, with what info. we have to start with, and increase the coverage over time, correcting info. as we hear about changes.

So, we are dependant on YOUR HELP to

  • keep us informed, as you find out about changes, and
  • to help fill in missing info., and
  • to show what the trails and facilities look like with photos, and
  • to describe the trails and your experiences on them,

    so we can provide information that is as complete & accurate, and as up-to-date as possible, for your fellow hikers.

TRAIL OWNERS in particular can help us to keep info. about your trails accurate and up-to-date, by filling in missing info. & letting us know about changes, PLEASE. At least the above-mentioned information would be greatly appreciated. A few photos, while not essential, would make a huge difference.

Obviously, we can accept no responsibility for any consequences if you discover changes from the info. we provide.

So, PLEASE CONFIRM the information that is of importance to you with the TRAIL OWNERS or their agents, when booking. Then let us know if you discover changes, so we can update the info. to help your fellow hikers.

Again, if you can think of other aspects of universal importance concerning trails, please CONTACT US.

Besides photos to illustrate the facilities at the trails and some views in the TRAIL REPORTS, we will also provide a PHOTO GALLERY with both our photos and yours, for browsing.