Information for hikers in Southern Africa
Where hikers can interact and help each other, as a community.

Firstly, we can help (and entertain) each other with articles on experiences as well as on tips, tricks & suggestions - or on anything else of interest to hikers.

Please CONTACT US if you have a contribution. You will be acknowledged as the author and a link will be provided to your website, if you have one. (If you don't have a website to link to yet, we can create and host one for you at extremely reasonable rates).

We will also continuously provide some articles ourselves - not limited just to hiking itself, but also including topics that might interest hikers, so please keep checking back to see what has been added since your previous visit. more...

You are welcome to quote excerpts from our articles on your website, but we would appreciate the common courtesy of acknowledgement, with a link to this page.

We will similarly provide a link back to your website if you send us an article which we publish on this website. We would expect you to similarly agree to publication of your article on other websites, with the same condition of acknowledgement and a link to your website.


We also intend to provide information from manufacturers concerning their PRODUCTS (and, where possible, our own objective "stress testing" assessment, hopefully mostly after "live use" on trails.)

We will also include SERVICES provided for hikers. For example, ACCREDITED HIKING GUIDES.

We will also include YOUR assessments of HIKING PRODUCTS & SERVICES.


We intend providing as much information about trails in Southern Africa as we can, in two ways:

Firstly, where we have very little information, we will simply provide what we do have in a basic TRAILS LIST.

Secondly, as we gather more extensive information about the various trails, we will cover those trails in more comprehensive TRAIL REPORTS.

The TRAILS navigation button on the right will take you to an introductory page on trails, which will contain links both to the basic information in the TRAILS LIST as well as the more comprehensive information in the TRAIL REPORTS.

Prof. Hugo's proposal for a standardised hiking trail accreditation system (that assesses accommodation, the environment, difficulty and facilities), as well as reports on trails that he has already evaluated using these standards, are available at http://www.trailinfo.co.za.

Besides photos to illustrate the facilities at the trails and some views in the TRAIL REPORTS, we will also provide a PHOTO GALLERY with both our photos and yours, for browsing.

We will try to report on developments relating to hiking in SA - such as any new legislation, changes to the national bodies, major new trails opening, etc.

Representatives from HikingInfo.co.za attended the Hiking Conference that was held in Pretoria on Saturday, 21/9/2002.

We will provide a report here soon, outlining the procedings and decisions made, so hikers, trail owners, suppliers and other interested parties who could not manage to attend, can be kept in the picture.

We will also provide reviews of Books, Magazines, Videos, CD's, DVD's & other media which will include YOUR comments (where available), with links to obtain any you find interesting on-line (where available).
The TRAIL TALK section will be a DISCUSSION FORUM (where threads of discussion evolve over time - even days, weeks or months), and a CHAT section (where you can chat together "live", as on a phone - but with text).

We believe CLUBS are vitally important and will support all SA HIKING CLUBS with heavily discounted hosting of club websites.

Just R 15,00
+ R 2,50 per Mb
+ VAT per month!

This includes e-mail (including Webmail), & Access databases at no extra charge, FREE backups & UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH.

More detailed info. is available at CLUBS.



We will provide a constantly growing resource of LINKS to related sites that we think would be of interest to hikers.

Please provide FEEDBACK or CONTACT US about these links - including your recommended links, (and also any other suggestions for improvement to this site that you can think of).

We strongly believe in mutually beneficial, win-win "co-opetition" and will gladly provide links to ANY hiking-related website, (although we would naturally expect a reciprocal link from your website to ours, in return).


Obviously, we need to generate some income to enable us to continue providing - and expanding - this service, so we have to provide "infomercials" as well.  ;-})

Please CONTACT US if you would prefer to promote your goods or services (beyond a non-promotional basic free link) and we can negotiate surprisingly affordable advertising rates.

In fact, for the first few months, while we are getting established, you can name your own rate, from R1 per day upwards.

However, please bear in mind that we reserve the right to present adverts from higher paying advertisers more frequently than those of lower paying advertisers.

If you do not have the skills available to develop your own banner ads, and/or to develop a commercial website for your banner ad to link to, AiNet can assist you at surprisingly reasonable rates.


Since we will be providing links to this site from some of our other sites that cater for churches and schools, we reserve the right to refuse certain adverts:

i.e. Those that are illegal (or of suspect legality - like pyramid schemes and other "get rich quick" schemes) or that we deem to be offensive, unethical or unsuitable for children, (including ads for "legal" drugs like alcohol and cigarettes, and "legal" soft pornography).

We also reserve the right to remove published adverts that we subsequently discover to be illegal, unethical or that YOU complain about. We are not lawyers and might let something slip through, but this is YOUR site and your satisfaction is more important to us than more advertisers.

Although we probably dislike senseless "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" signs on websites as much as you do (since EVERY website should always be building) we decided to make an exception to our normal rule of waiting until a section is completed before publishing it, given the circumstances.

Since we will be largely dependent on YOUR involvement as we build, we thought we should rather show you where we intend heading (with "forthcomming attractions") so YOU can also start thinking about contributions you could make to help your fellow hikers.

We will be building facilities for on-line contributions in the near future, but you are more than welcome to e-mail us information and photos, and requests for hosting hiking club websites and for advertising, in the meantime.

So, we request your indulgence and understanding while we are still busy with the crude foundations. As with a building, we will attend to the "finishing off" aesthetics once the basic structure is functional.